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Why Is The Gap Between Domestic And Foreign Thermal Shock Tester So Disparity?

Jun 22, 2017

Why is the gap between domestic and foreign Thermal Shock Tester so disparity?
Why is the gap between domestic and foreign Thermal Shock Tester so disparity? There may be a lot from the Qing Dynasty in China began to study the foundation: the Qing Dynasty as the leaders of the country's cowardly, closed doors closed development, resulting in Division I from the developed countries into today's developing countries, still as technology is so ...

In fact, Xiaobian said, it is only a unilateral reason, not to guide our country in the next few decades, hundreds of years is still in developing countries reasons, we still have to find their own reasons.

Take the thermal shock testing machine industry, with the relevant industries have announced the 12th Five-Year Plan, instrumentation industry, the development prospects are becoming increasingly clear. Such as the country to vigorously promote energy conservation and green economy, modern manufacturing, aircraft, marine engineering, smart grid and other special, urban rail transit, people's livelihood and other emerging industries will become the mainstream of development, and thermal power, metallurgy, and other industries, the relative development rate Slow down.

Even so, the domestic thermal shock testing machine industry is still a huge gap with foreign countries, because the low level of repeated production wanton expansion, the development of China's instrumentation industry caused great harm:

First, the low level of repeated production, cost a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, leading to the development of China's instrumentation industry can not focus on the advantages of strength, clenched fist, production capacity is extremely empty, difficult to get rid of long-term scattered backward situation,

Second, a large number of low-level duplication of production, undermine the effective order of market competition, resulting in unfair competition and dark business operations and other ugly phenomenon, resulting in many companies can not concentrate on improving product quality and development of production, undermining the development of the industry The

Third, the low level of repeated production results, there must be a large number of poor product quality, to the user caused adverse effects, so that the development of national instrumentation industry by a heavy blow.

In addition, a small number of users in order to save costs, but simply do a superficial comparison, that is identified as: "the same Thermal Shock Tester, of course, I choose the cheaper price" until the equipment to buy back Use only regret, blindly only the pursuit of low-cost equipment, resulting in manufacturers without profit support after-sales, can only produce poor products, but also allow users to pay a heavy price.