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What Causes Weather Resistant Tester Compressors Do Not Cool?

Nov 02, 2017

What causes Weather Resistant Tester compressors do not cool?
As customers often encounter Weather Resistant Tester is not cooling the situation, so today a small series will be with you on this issue together to study and explore the next.
Reason one:
1, because it is the temperature can not hold to observe the refrigeration compressor in the Weather Resistant Tester is able to start the process, the compressor in the environmental test equipment can be started during the operation, that from the main power supply to the compressor electrical lines normal, Electrical system is also no problem.
2, the electrical system is no problem, continue to check the refrigeration system. First check the Weather Resistant Tester low temperature (R23) class compressor exhaust and suction pressure are lower than the normal value, and the suction pressure was evacuated, indicating that the main cooling unit of the refrigerant is insufficient.
3, hand touch Weather Resistant Tester host group R23 compressor exhaust and suction lines and found that the exhaust pipe temperature is not high, the suction pipe temperature is not low (not frost), which also shows The host group of (R23) refrigerant is lacking.
Reason two:
1, not to determine the cause of the failure, combined with the Weather Resistant Tester control process to further confirm the cause of the failure, Weather Resistant Tester has two sets of refrigeration units.
2, one for the main unit, the other for the auxiliary unit, the cooling rate is large, the two groups of units at the same time, in the early stage of the temperature to maintain the two groups still work at the same time. To stabilize the temperature initially, the auxiliary unit to stop working, by the host group to maintain the stability of the temperature. If the host group R23 leak, will make the cooling effect of the host group is not large, due to cooling process, the two units at the same time work, so there is no stable temperature of the phenomenon, and instructions to reduce the cooling rate. In the temperature holding phase, once the auxiliary unit stops working and the main unit has no cooling effect, the air in the Weather Resistant Tester will rise slowly. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, the control system will start the auxiliary unit to cool down and drop the temperature to Set the value of the vicinity, and then auxiliary units and stop working, so repeated, there will be a fault phenomenon.
At this point, the cause of the production failure has been confirmed because the refrigerant R23 of the low temperature (R23) class unit of the main unit leaks. Check the refrigeration system, with a leak detector and soap and water combined method of inspection and found a hot gas bypass valve stem valve cracked. Replace the solenoid valve, re-fill the system, the system is running normally.
Many customers are in response to the Weather Resistant Tester in the use of the process, always do not go up, there are many reasons for this, today Xiaobian to talk with you on the Weather Resistant Tester temperature does not go up the reason.
1. Humidifier power input: If there is no power or the humidifier is bad there is no change in humidity;
2. There is no package on the sensor gauze, hand holding the sensor to see if there is no change in the value of the instrument, if not that the sensor is broken, this case is not showing the humidity;
3. Humidifier power problem: If Weather Resistant Tester size and humidifier power is small, will cause the humidifier humidification was slow, may not be obvious performance;
4. If the instrument is broken, there will be no humidity performance.
In addition, the humidifier is broken, the water level switch is broken, the contactor is broken, the cooling capacity is too strong and other reasons are caused by the Weather Resistant Tester humidity may not be the reason, the specific situation we also depends on the equipment itself Of the circumstances!