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What Are The Precautions For High And Low Temperature Dampening Tester?

Nov 02, 2017

What are the precautions for High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester?
High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester is an essential testing facility for metals, plastics, rubber, electronics and other materials. It is used to test the structure of materials or composites, which can be tolerated in an instant with extremely high temperatures and extremely low temperatures. , In the shortest possible time to test the experimental box due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes or physical damage.
High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester Use Note:
1. Please note: High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester must be safely grounded to avoid electrostatic induction.
2. Avoid closing and reheating the unit in three minutes.
3. Circuit breaker, overtemperature protector, provide the local test product and the operator's safety protection, so please check the High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester regularly.
4. It is absolutely forbidden to test explosive, flammable and highly corrosive substances.
5. The lights should be closed except when necessary.
6. Before doing low temperature, the studio should be dry, dry at 60 ℃ for 1 hour.
7. In the case of high and Low Temperature Dampening Tester temperatures above 55 ° C, the cooler can not be opened.
8. In any section perpendicular to the dominant wind direction, the sum of the test load cross-sectional areas shall not be greater than one third of the working cross-section of the work.
9.High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester's basket guides and racks are regularly lubricated.
10.High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester Do not open the door during operation unless it is absolutely necessary, as this may cause the following undesirable consequences:
① high temperature air out of the box outside .................. very dangerous
② the inside of the door is still kept high temperature ............ cause burns
③ high temperature air may trigger a fire alarm, resulting in malfunction
11. The measured sample should be as fast as possible in the middle of the sample rack and not on the side of the sample, resulting in tilting of the high and Low Temperature Dampening Tester.
12. If you want to use the power supply, please do not use the power supply directly. Put high temperature samples for low temperature test should pay attention to: open the door to the time as short as possible.
Today's society, technology development, technology in constant innovation, life has a qualitative leap, reform and opening up so many years of efforts, China has gradually entered a well-off life, technology developed, a variety of new products, equipment, We talk to everyone High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester in life what specific role?
Look at things we can not just look at the surface, from the fundamental, high and Low Temperature Dampening Tester from the surface, just a test device, used to detect the product of the heat and cold limit, thermal expansion and contraction of the state Change, and security. Such as street lamps, it is in the lighting when the temperature inside the bulb is high, but there is no law of the outside world can be found, the temperature changes, which take into account the nature of thermal expansion and contraction, the outside temperature is very low, the light bulb So that the internal temperature increases, outside the cold heat, in order to achieve the balance of various states, we will take into account the High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester, its role is just right, so there are many examples of many.
In essence, in life, most of our daily necessities are inseparable from the detection equipment, it is closely related to our lives, it is not just a test equipment, it is our life safety master, the quality of the product They check, we are in use, he is still the crystallization of the designer technology. Social progress of the witness, the history of their brilliant and not proud, but hard working, obscure.