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What Are The Advantages Of The Programmable Sothermal Shock Tester?

Oct 19, 2017

What are the advantages of the programmable sothermal Shock Tester?
sothermal Shock Tester is used in the heat and cold test of the national defense industry, aerospace industry, automation parts, auto parts, electrical and electronic parts, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical industry and related products. It provides a standard constant temperature and humidity environment.
What are the advantages of programmable sothermal Shock Tester Programmable sothermal Shock Tester is also known as high and low temperature alternating hot and humid test chamber, the control mode is multi-stage programming control: refers to the preset temperature, humidity curve, and according to the ability to control the preset , And can be multi-set. sothermal Shock Tester has the ability to complete the test process and cycle according to the preset curve, and can be in the maximum temperature, cooling rate ability range, precise control of temperature, cooling rate, that can be set according to the curve of the slope control temperature, rate.
Ordinary sothermal Shock Tester high and low temperature control box control mode: set a target temperature and humidity, test chamber with automatic constant temperature and humidity to the target temperature and humidity point of the ability. Not programmable, can not automatically take the cycle, can not set the time. Can only be a test done, set by the operator.
As you can see, the programmable sothermal Shock Tester is much more powerful than the ordinary sothermal Shock Tester. Therefore, the programmable sothermal Shock Tester manufacturing costs are higher, because it needs to configure the program controller to solve the test chamber in the studio temperature is high to open the refrigerator and other issues, the general program sothermal Shock Tester price than ordinary sothermal Shock Tester prices are higher than 30%.
This time we have to explain is a more in-depth problem, that is sothermal Shock Tester studio upper right corner of the wet tube tube dripping down, because it is very affected the test, so the user is worried about this issue, the following we Give the majority of users to provide solutions. Starting from the cause of the phenomenon, open the door of the studio in the upper right corner will see there are so few parts, over-temperature protection, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, wet tube, the normal order should be the case , Can not rule out the more powerful manufacturers will be over-temperature protector and temperature sensor set in a sensor, then sothermal Shock Tester studio is the temperature sensor, humidity sensor, wet tube, and humidity gauze is suspended in the humidity The sensor, the bottom is directly immersed in the wet tube tube, if the water drops down the situation, is opened a door can be observed. Next we need to do the following:
The first step is to check the waterway, observe the inlet valve is not playing too much, resulting in water is too full, such as direct water valve can be small.
The second step to check the sothermal Shock Tester water time is set too high frequency, resulting in excessive water supply, if the water will increase the interval, so the frequency will be reduced.
The third step to check the sothermal Shock Tester laboratory floor is smooth, the angle of inclination will also lead to wet water pipe imbalance, and thus dripping down, then as long as the equipment to move to the ground on the use of it.
The fourth step to check the sothermal Shock Tester on the right side of the water tank is too high, resulting in too much water into the water, then need to adjust the water level box, the other suggested in the adjustment of the water tank when the best technical engineers to communicate with the professional deal.
The storage test is carried out by simulating the effect of one or more of the environmental stresses on its products during its normal storage period by using sothermal Shock Tester to carry out the storage test.
First, the storage of sothermal Shock Tester will affect the use of the product in its intended application. It can be explained that the component lead or printed circuit board can be improved, for the electrical parameters of the drift of the ultra-poor has caused it to open or short circuit phenomenon;
Second, after the use of its storage, the main performance of the product or whether the reliability is reduced or both the same time the situation occurred;
Third, for emergency equipment, when in the long-term state is not used, is the correct and reliable operation of the capacity will be destroyed.
In the storage test in progress, each may lead to factors need to be excluded. It is clear that the data that may affect the application and the occurrence of some of the conditions in the course of the use of the sothermal Shock Tester simulation of the storage of the relevant knowledge must be clear.