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Weather Resistant Tester Preparation Before Use

Jul 07, 2017

Weather Resistant Tester Preparation before use

The following 8 points should be prepared before using the waiting tester to ensure the normal operation of the waiting tester.

1. Weather Resistant Tester The bottom of the studio shall be added distilled water, which shall not exceed the height of the overflow hole rubber at the bottom of the box to prevent the body from aging.

2. Add distilled water before the seal groove test around the upper part of the box, not overfull, to close the box cover and the salt fog will not overflow for good.

3, Weather Resistant Tester air saturator (stainless steel barrel) in distilled water or deionized water, the water level from degrees to the upper 4/5 level gauge glass, add distilled water, should open the upper part of the saturator inlet valve, when added to the specified level, must close the valve. After the long test, the moisture of the saturator will be consumed and the water level will be reduced to 1/5 of the lower part, Weather Resistant Tester and the water should be rehydrated in time to prevent the water shortage and the heating element inside the saturator.

4, with rubber and the salt fog box and spray the bottom of the working chamber inlet connection is good, the good salt solution concentration (5%) in the salt fog box behind the water storage tank, salt water due to the effect of atmospheric pressure on balance automatically into the spray tower, salt water cannot be lower than the lower limit of water storage tank (outlet).

5, the mist removal pipe from the salt fog at the back of the box body has influence to the indoor facilities, allows the user to lengthen the mist removal pipe, made from the salt mist emitted, Weather Resistant Tester but mist removal pipe cannot be blocked, so as not to affect the salt fog emissions. There is a drain below the fog pipe and the user should take it to the room.

6. Adjustment of air pressure:

A: the inlet pressure is controlled manually by the first stage regulator and is generally controlled at 2 ~ 4kg/cm2

B: Weather Resistant Tester the spray pressure is adjusted to 0.5 ~ 1.7 kg/cm2 from the pressure-reducing valve, and the adjustment of the upper Syria adjustment has been adjusted before the factory, and the user is not normally required to adjust.

7 and put down the box of hopper frame, set the detector on the rubber hose, respectively, and the corresponding funnel connected well, so that in the experiment, without having to open the lid, can from the outside set read the salt fog fog on settlement.

8. Weather Resistant Tester Set the time required to do the test (timing).

Doing in the damp heat test, an actual humidity 100% humidity vary widely, with the target or actual humidity numerical low a lot, the phenomenon of the former: may be caused by dry gauze on weather resistance tester, that is about to check the weather resistance tester in the sink water shortage, water level in tank is composed of a water level controller of automatic control, check whether water supply water supply the normal water level controller, level controller working is normal. Another possibility is the wet bulb gauze for long time, or purity of the water supply quality reason, can make the gauze harden, gauze to absorb water and dry, as long as the replacement or cleaning cloth can eliminate the above phenomenon. The latter phenomenon is mainly humidification system doesn't work, check the humidification system of water supply system, whether there is a certain amount of water inside the water supply system, Weather Resistant Tester control the humidifying water level control of boiler water level is normal, humidifying in boiler water level is normal. If all above is normal, the electrical control system should be checked, which should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.