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The Measurement Of Sothermal Shock Tester Is Three Main Points

Jul 07, 2017

The measurement of sothermal Shock Tester is three main points

1. Noun interpretation of thermostatic impact test machine:

1. Uniformity: the environmental test equipment is in stable condition and the working space is at one point at a time between test points (temperature and humidity)

The difference;

Volatility: in stable condition, the central point parameter of the workspace is changed over time.

3. Deviation: in the stable condition, the measured value of each measuring point of the working space and the upper and lower deviation of the measured value and the measured value are the highest and measured values.

2. Measurement characteristics: temperature and humidity deviation, temperature and humidity fluctuation degree, temperature and humidity uniformity

Three measures:

1. Measurement is carried out in no-load conditions. If there is a load, you should indicate the load in the certificate.

2. The measurement of turbidity and humidity points should generally be used to select the upper limit, lower limit and center point of the use range of the equipment, and the actual temperature and humidity points can be selected according to the user's requirements

3. Location of metering points:

A, the environmental test box (for example: sothermal Shock Tester), sothermal Shock Tester the workshop volume is larger than 2m3, the temperature is 15, and the temperature is four

B, environmental test box (such as: constant temperature and humidity test box), the workshop volume is less than 2m3, the temperature point is nine, the humidity point three

Example: calculation (for temperature)

Uniformity: delta tu = Σ ttmax - ttmin/n

I = 1,

Volatility: delta tf = plus or minus tomax - tomin / 2

Deviation: delta Tmax = Tmax - T

Delta Tmin = Tmin - T

Constant sothermal Shock Tester is suitable for the instrument and meter materials, electrical and electronic products, household appliances, automobile and motorcycle accessories, chemical coatings, all kinds of electronic components and other related products parts under the environment of high temperature and low temperature storage, transportation, when using the adaptive test. This test equipment is mainly used for the product according to the national standards or set requirements, users under the condition of low temperature, high temperature, high and low temperature cycle, the characteristics of physics and other related product environmental simulation test, test, through testing, to judge the performance of the products, whether can still meet predetermined requirement, so that the product design, improve, identification and factory inspection.

Common failures and troubleshooting methods of constant sothermal Shock Tester

1. In the high-temperature test, if the temperature change fails to reach the test temperature value, the electrical system can be checked for troubleshooting. Such as

The temperature rises very slowly, should check the wind circulatory system, see the adjusting baffle of a wind circulation whether to open normal, otherwise, inspect

Whether the motor of wind circulation is normal. If the temperature is too hot, the setting parameters of the PID setting need to be set. If the temperature is direct

Rise, overtemperature protection, so, controller malfunction, must replace the control instrument.

2. Low temperature reach test indicators, then you have to observe the change of temperature, the temperature drop is slow, or temperature has a tendency to pick up after the temperature to a certain value, the former shall check and do the low temperature test whether the studio before drying, to keep the studio after drying and then test samples into the studio to do test, indoor test sample is placed too much work, sothermal Shock Tester make work indoor wind is not fully cycle, after excluding the reasons, and consider whether in the refrigerating system failure, it will please manufacturers of professional personnel for maintenance. The latter phenomenon is caused by the equipment using the environment is not good, equipment placed environmental temperature, the place of location and distance of the wall after (box) to meet the requirements (in the introduction to equipment operation has rules).