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Sothermal Shock Tester Temperature And Temperature Detection

Nov 02, 2017

sothermal Shock Tester temperature and temperature detection
sothermal Shock Tester can be used to test materials and composite materials, in the shortest possible time on the extremely high temperature and very low temperature to withstand the extent of continuous environment, the final test results, we usually use the following steps to test sothermal Shock Tester Of the temperature recovery time:
1, sothermal Shock Tester Install the temperature measurement sensor according to the specified position, the high temperature box and the temperature controller of the low temperature box are adjusted to the required nominal temperature.
2, respectively, so that the cabinet temperature and cooling, sothermal Shock Tester into the state of temperature control for 30 minutes or according to product technical requirements to stabilize the corresponding time.
3, the test load into the high temperature equipment, in accordance with the technical requirements of the product or the relevant provisions of the standard to select the appropriate retention time.
4, sothermal Shock Tester Select the temperature shock of the conversion time, and then high-temperature equipment into the low-temperature equipment ready to observe the recording point of the temperature measurement.
sothermal Shock Tester is the ability to test the material structure or composite materials, can be in an instant under the extremely high temperature and very low temperature environment to endure the degree of tolerance in a short time to detect the test sample due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes Or physical damage, and for the operation of the equipment users need to follow the test steps to complete the test, and the specific test process is as follows:
1, the test sample should be placed in the sothermal Shock Tester according to the standard requirements, and the temperature inside the equipment box to the designated point, to maintain a certain time until the test sample temperature can be stable.
2, after the end of the high temperature phase, 5min time to test the sample has been adjusted to -55 ℃ low temperature test, and then keep 1h or until the test sample to achieve temperature stability, whichever is longer.
3, after the end of the low temperature phase, 5min time to test the sample has been adjusted to 70 ℃ high temperature test, and then keep 1h or until the test sample to achieve temperature stability, whichever is longer.
4, need to repeat the above experimental method, so even if the completion of the three cycle. And then according to the sample size and space size, time may be slightly wrong.
Tips: sothermal Shock Tester If you need to do high temperature test or low temperature test, then the equipment in the course of the test or just after the end of the trial, we need to open the door, then the need to pay special attention to avoid the operator will cause frostbite or burn.
sothermal Shock Tester in aerospace, electronic and other fields have been widely used. The device is mainly to test the product in different natural environment heat, cold, dry, moisture resistance performance, in order to determine the applicability and reliability of the product. Now with the enterprise's product quality requirements are getting higher and higher, the use of sothermal Shock Tester frequency gradually increased, but the equipment has become a painful headache, the following Xiaobian to share with you about the equipment cleaning The little trick, let you get rid of clean trouble from this.
1, after the end of the test, the water tank out of the tank, so that not only can avoid the water tank fouling, but also can effectively maintain the role of the tank to extend the service life.
2, sothermal Shock Tester After the end of the test, with a clean cloth to the workplace of the water vapor or stains wipe clean, such as the larger inconvenience of cleaning, you can directly use the device's high temperature function, set 50 ℃ bake for half an hour.
3, the working room hanging wet ball gauze, due to a long time sothermal Shock Tester test will be a certain yellow, hardened, the longest time to replace once a week.