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Sothermal Shock Tester Can Not Hold The Reasons For Low Temperature

Aug 31, 2017

sothermal Shock Tester can not hold the reasons for low temperature
sothermal Shock Tester low temperature can not hold the main reason is the refrigeration compressor, how to determine whether the electrical or compressor problems? The following Beijing Yashi Lin Technology Department one by one for you:
Electrical system analysis: first observe the sothermal Shock Tester refrigeration compressor in the course of running can start, if the compressor in the course of operation can start, indicating from the main power supply to the compressor electrical lines are normal, electrical system also There is no problem.
Refrigeration system analysis: sothermal Shock Tester first check the two sets of refrigeration compressor unit, if the low-temperature compressor exhaust and suction pressure are lower than the normal value, and the suction pressure was evacuated, indicating that the main cooling unit of the refrigerant was significantly insufficient The And then touch the high and low temperature box of the host group R23 compressor exhaust and suction lines, such as the exhaust pipe temperature is not high, the suction pipe temperature is not low (not frost), which Also shows the lack of R23 refrigerant in the host group.
One of the sothermal Shock Tester is the main unit and the other is the auxiliary unit. When the cooling rate is large, the two groups work at the same time. At the beginning of the temperature keeping stage, the two groups still work at the same time. To stabilize the temperature initially, the auxiliary unit to stop working, by the host group to maintain the temperature of the cooling and stability. If the host group R23 leak, will make the cooling effect of the host group is not large, due to cooling process, the two units at the same time work, so there is no stable temperature of the phenomenon, and indicate the cooling rate. In the temperature holding stage, once the auxiliary unit to stop working, the host group and no cooling effect, sothermal Shock Tester air temperature will slowly rise, when the temperature rises to a certain extent, the control system will start the auxiliary unit to cool, and then Auxiliary units and stop working, so repeated, there will be low temperature can not hold the fault phenomenon. It is confirmed that the cause of the sothermal Shock Tester is the main refrigeration unit low temperature (R23) class unit refrigerant R23 leakage.
If you often use this machine to do the test, then the daily maintenance is very critical. Now look at the thermostat impact testing machine in the end how to do maintenance:
1. sothermal Shock Tester is generally relatively high, we recommend placing it in a relatively benign temperature environment, our experience temperature value of 8 ℃ ~ 23 ℃, do not have this condition of the laboratory, to be equipped with the appropriate air conditioner Or cooling tower.
2. Adhere to the professional management of qualified, sothermal Shock Tester should be sent from time to time to the supplier factory training and learning to get more professional maintenance, maintenance experience and ability.
3. Fixed every 3 months to clean the condenser: the use of air-cooled compressor cooling, and should regularly check the condensing fan and decontamination dust to ensure its good ventilation and heat transfer performance; for the compressor using water cooling In addition to the need to ensure that the water pressure and the influent temperature, but also must ensure that the corresponding flow and regularly clean the inside of the condenser cleaning to obtain its sustained heat transfer performance.
4. Regular cleaning evaporator: due to the cleanliness of different samples, in the forced air circulation on the evaporator will gather a lot of dust and other small particles, should be regularly cleaned.
5. Circulation fan, condenser fan cleaning and balance: similar to the cleaning evaporator, due to sothermal Shock Tester working environment varies, the circulating fan and condenser fan will gather a lot of dust and other small particles, should be carried out regularly Cleaning.
As the sothermal Shock Tester is basically composed of electrical, refrigeration and mechanical systems, so once the equipment problems, should be a comprehensive inspection of the entire equipment system and comprehensive analysis. In general, the process of analysis and judgment can be "outside" In the first, after the exclusion of external factors, according to the phenomenon of failure of the system before the first system decomposition.After the analysis and judgment of the system integrated or can use the inverted method to find the cause of the fault: first in accordance with the electrical wiring diagram to find whether the electrical system has The problem, and finally find out whether the refrigeration system problems. Did not understand the cause of the fault before, must not blindly demolition or replacement parts, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.