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Safety Procedures For Weathering Testers

May 27, 2017

Weather Resistant Tester Safety test procedures for weathering testers The weathering tester uses a double column guide, the height drop can be set, the work is stable and reliable, can achieve the edge, surface, angle drop. The machine uses photoelectric control, can set the seven file drop height, but also free to choose the drop height, drop release using electromagnetic control, can make the sample free to fall, the packaging containers for the edge, angle, plane drop impact test, The following look at the next weather test instrument operating procedures:

  The following are the same as the "

  Weather Resistant Tester Weathering tester operating procedures

  The following are the same as the "

  1, turn on the power switch, power indicator light.

  2, press the descending key, etc. When the lifting box is lowered to a certain required height (or lower limit position).

  3, and then placed the test object to be placed on the test board, with the fixture will be fixed to complete the specimen (according to the required edge, angle, surface to fix the sample), set the height of the required height of the test table.

  4, according to the drop key, test items free to fall, the test is completed (at this time is strictly prohibited non-professional training personnel to enter the yellow line to do any relevant test operation, is strictly prohibited under the arm, very dangerous).

  5, press the reset button to return to the next round of testing.

  Single-wing weathering tester maintenance drink maintenance

  1, each test is completed, the fall arm should be dropped to avoid a long time to reset the drop arm to pull the spring pull, affecting the test results, each drop before the first position of the motor to stop the rotation before pressing the drop button.

  2, the new machine to the factory after the completion of the installation must be in the sliding round rod at the appropriate low concentration of oil, is strictly prohibited to join the anti-rust oil or high concentration of oil and the backlog of corrosive oil).

  3, if the oil for a long time there are too many dust, please reduce the machine to a low, wipe the previous oil, heavy machine oil.

  4, Weather Resistant Tester the crash is the impact of mechanical equipment, the new machine is used more than 500 times, the need to tighten the screws to avoid a failure