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Refrigeration System Thermal Expansion Valve Of Sothermal Shock Tester

Sep 20, 2017

Refrigeration system thermal expansion valve of sothermal Shock Tester
An improved active expansion valve, widely used in refrigeration and sothermal Shock Tester equipment, the pressure of the diaphragm or bellows from the remote temperature package pressure echo.
 The temperature-sensitive package is filled with a working fluid similar to that of the refrigeration system, which is connected to the suction pipe adjacent to the outlet of the transponder and connected to the diaphragm (or bellows) of the expansion valve with a capillary.
When the cooling system is running, the temperature-sensitive package of the thermal expansion valve responds to the inspiratory heat of the suction point on the suction pipe, and the opening degree of the active control valve makes the transpiration temperature take the initiative.
 sothermal Shock Tester
 The thermostatic expansion valve is used to control the amount of refrigerant flowing through the valve hole by increasing or decreasing the saturated pressure of the refrigerant in the element. The action of the thermostatic expansion valve basically depends on three primary pressures: the temperature of the thermocouple, which is the effect of making the valve towards the open side of the diaphragm.
Transpiration pressure, sothermal Shock Tester which effect on the other side of the diaphragm, can make the valve tend to be closed; stem base tensioning force, it is passed through the stem to the transpiration pressure side of the diaphragm to help close the valve hole.
Expansion of the expansion valve: The temperature of the thermocouple is balanced by the transpiration pressure and the tingling force. sothermal Shock Tester When the medium used in the thermocouple element is in conjunction with the refrigerant of the refrigeration system, their temperature and pressure characteristics are common.
 Transpirator in the liquid system refrigerant transpiration, inspiratory is overheated, the temperature increases. The pressure inside the temperature is higher than the transpiration pressure, and the pressure effect is at the top of the diaphragm of the expansion valve. When it is greater than the sum of the transpiration pressure and the tingling force, it will cause the spool to move away from the valve seat, sothermal Shock Tester Until the sum of the temperature of the temperature and the pressure of the transpiration is stopped.
 If the expansion valve for lack of liquid, resulting in reduced transpiration pressure or transpiration outlet superheat rise, so that the valve open large. On the contrary, if the expansion valve for the liquid too much, the transpiration of the pressure rise or temperature package temperature, tingling force and transpiration pressure can be small, until the three pressure balance to stop.
 sothermal Shock Tester Cooling System Valve Orientation: The thermal expansion valve can be installed in any orientation. However, its orientation should be able to control the effect of transpiration into the liquid.
 If the transponder uses a dispenser, the dispenser should be mounted directly on the outlet side of the thermostatic expansion valve. This is the best function of the sothermal Shock Tester. Sometimes it can decide that the operation of the cooling equipment is good or bad.
To be satisfied with the expansion of the valve control, the first is the temperature between the package and the suction line between the outstanding and touch the temperature package should be used for two dedicated metal belt firmly fixed in the cleaning of the suction straight tube.
sothermal Shock Tester outside the balance system: it is from the pressure effect, it is necessary to clear, must not halfway block, otherwise, expansion valve may overflow, lack of liquid or conditioning instability (such expansion valve in the home sothermal Shock Tester Is not used).
 sothermal Shock Tester refrigeration system, from the sothermal Shock Tester refrigeration system compressor discharge of high temperature, high pressure refrigerant gas system, the muffler, valve into the outdoor heat exchanger, and the external air heat exchange was condensed into High pressure fluid system.
The liquid system refrigerant is then passed through a high-equilibrium distributor, a check valve, and a filter into the cooling pipe where the refrigerant is further cooled to progress the power of the indoor heat exchanger.
(Refrigerant) is fed into the room and is depressurized in the high-pressure balance distributor (capillary) of the indoor unit, and then the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant liquid system is supplied to the indoor heat exchanger In the endothermic, evaporated to gaseous. Together, the indoor air in the indoor fan under the effect of the indoor heat exchanger, was cooled and then blown by the fan, evaporated into the gas system by the piping, the valve and the reservoir again to return to sothermal Shock Tester refrigeration system compression Repeated cycle of machine.
 sothermal Shock Tester Refrigeration System During the heating operation, the directional control valve converts the high temperature, high pressure gas system refrigerant from the sothermal Shock Tester refrigeration system compressor, passes through the valve, piping into the indoor heat exchanger, passes through the heat of the indoor air The refrigerant is condensed and liquefied.