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How To Sign A Sothermal Shock Tester

Jun 22, 2017

How to sign a sothermal Shock Tester
I believe that our colleagues know that: the user outside the province to buy the equipment through the logistics of the equipment to the user company. At the same time, we also know that logistics, express delivery is the most violent, most shy skin of one of the industry, so we require our users from the hands of the heat received after the impact test machine, do not rush to sign immediately, must first unpack (Wooden box packaging) to check whether the equipment has obvious deformation, the appearance of damage and other issues, to confirm the correct sign again.

In the last month, I sent a number of sothermal Shock Tester, battery extrusion needle testing machine, battery weight impact testing machine and other eight goods have one of them - battery weight impact testing machine Of the tempered glass door was damaged in the transport of the way, the battery squeeze acupuncture one of the hydraulic oil are all missed, but the logistics is blindly urging customers to sign the goods, and other customers after signing the goods will not be responsible, very The cunning shameless shameless.

So here again to remind the majority of users: in the receipt of equipment, we must first check to confirm that the equipment is not damaged and then sign, especially the sothermal Shock Tester this very expensive items, but also to seriously confirm that, There are equipment damaged by the logistics, please refuse to accept the receipt, and the first time with the relevant clerk of our company to contact, indicating that the Division I phase of the industry will find the logistics company's insurance company on-site identification and claims.

The following is the damage to the logistics of the battery weight impact testing machine, even before the wooden box as a protective measure before delivery, but the thick tempered glass is still hit crushed, the paint is also a serious scratch , The seal is also a serious fall off, looked at feel very distressed, the need for further repair Division I, but also delayed the use of equipment customers time ... ...

sothermal Shock Tester is more valuable, once there is any need to repair, you need to pay a high price, so warm remind the majority of users, before the receipt to seriously check!