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How To Keep The Weather Resistant Tester Clean

Sep 20, 2017

How to keep the Weather Resistant Tester clean
Weather Resistant Tester is very high accuracy requirements, if the Weather Resistant Tester machine can not guarantee clean and dusty, dust into the hydraulic system, will produce plug holes, scratch the piston surface and other very serious consequences, so we should ensure that Weather Resistant Tester Of clean, then in addition to cleaning the surface dust, we need to do what? With this problem, let us look at the following content.
1, regularly check the jaw parts of the screws, such as found loose, timely tightening;
2, regularly check the sprocket transmission, if found to be loose, please re-tension the tension wheel;
3, Weather Resistant Tester in the course of the test will inevitably produce some dust, such as scale, metal debris, etc., not only for some parts of the surface wear, scratches and so on;
4, Weather Resistant Tester with the fixture should be coated with anti-rust oil storage;
5, in the hydraulic Weather Resistant Tester jaws often used, easy to wear, easily lead to small piston damage oil spills, jaws should always clean and keep clean;
6, the steel plate and liner in contact with the sliding surface, the flap on the trench groove should be kept clean, regularly coated with a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide grease.
Weather Resistant Tester as a necessary equipment to control the quality of the product, in the course of how to troubleshoot, to ensure that Weather Resistant Tester good operation, the operator should learn to find the problem and can be ruled out, the following are common, and then to exclude, Hope we can learn from:
1, after the computer software appears on the box message display overload.
Remedy: Check if the communication line between the computer and the Weather Resistant Tester is off; check whether the sensor is selected correctly on the online selection; check whether the sensor was hit when the latest test or keyboard was operated; check whether the software calibration or calibration function was used before the problem ; Check whether the calibration values, calibration values or other information in the hardware parameters are changed manually.
2, Weather Resistant Tester host power does not light, the device can not move up and down.
Check whether the power supply voltage of the Weather Resistant Tester is normal. Check whether the emergency power supply is in the screwed state. Check whether the power supply voltage of the Weather Resistant Tester is normal. Check whether the insurance on the machine outlet is blown. Spare fuse can be installed.
3, Weather Resistant Tester host power supply, the device can not move up and down.
Remedy: check whether the device is still unable to move after 15S, because the host boot need self-test, about 15S time; check the upper and lower limit is appropriate location, there is a certain operating space; check access Weather Resistant Tester power supply voltage Whether it is normal.
 Weather Resistant Tester, broadly speaking, is a product or material before it is put into use, the quality or performance required by the design requirements of the instrument.It can be seen from the definition, all for the quality or performance verification of the instrument can be called Weather Resistant Tester, Weather Resistant Tester's products are constantly innovating, improving and improving, and can adapt to the various properties of the test material. For a better understanding of the Weather Resistant Tester, let's take a look at the Weather Resistant Tester Some attention to it
1. Weather Resistant Tester fixture must be coated with anti-rust oil.
2. Always check the jaws of the screw is loose, timely tighten the loose screws.
3. Always check whether the cables behind the controller are in good contact, but be sure to turn off the power of the controller to plug in the interface of the cable. The interface is good, otherwise it will damage the Weather Resistant Tester.
4. Some Weather Resistant Tester in the case of long-term power, it will affect its life, so long time without the machine, please turn off the controller and computer.
5. You must be responsible for maintaining the Weather Resistant Tester.
In order to extend the service life of the Weather Resistant Tester and the accuracy of the test data, maintenance of the Weather Resistant Tester is particularly important.