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How To Judge The High And Low Temperature Dampening Tester Failure

Jul 28, 2017

How to judge the High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester failure
High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester is a mainly for electrical, electronic products, as well as its original devices, and other materials in the temperature changes in the environment of the storage, transportation, use of the adaptive test, metal, plastic, rubber, Electronic and other materials industry, the necessary test equipment for testing the material structure or composite materials, in an instant under the extremely high temperature and very low temperature to withstand the extent of continuous environment, in the shortest possible time to test the sample due to thermal expansion and contraction Caused by chemical changes or physical damage.
Brief description of the high and low temperature inhibition test instrument temperature recovery time test steps:
1, according to the provisions of the installation of temperature measurement sensor, the high temperature box and the temperature controller of the incubator were adjusted to the required nominal temperature.
2, respectively, so that the cabinet temperature and cooling, from the temperature impact test chamber into the temperature control state after 30min or stability according to the technical requirements of the corresponding time, record the measured point temperature.
3, High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester will test the load into the high temperature equipment, according to product technical requirements or the relevant provisions of the standard to select the appropriate holding time.
4, select the High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester conversion time, and then test the load from the high temperature equipment into the low temperature equipment, pay attention to observe and record the temperature of the measurement point; then the same method to test the load from the low temperature equipment to the opposite conversion of high temperature equipment , Observe and record the temperature of the measurement point.
5. Record the minimum time required to return the temperature from the high temperature (or low temperature) equipment to the low temperature (or high temperature) equipment to the temperature condition before the test point temperature returns to the temperature before the test load is released.
In the use of High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester, if you find the following fault, the user can refer to the following measures for emergency treatment:
1, when the high and low temperature to suppress the temperature of the tester can not reach the test temperature, you can check the electrical control system is not a problem.
2, when the High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester temperature is very slow, you should carefully check the box of the wind circulation system is a problem.
3, in the hot and humid test, if the low temperature can not reach the test indicators, should first observe the temperature changes, if the temperature dropped very slowly, you have to consider whether the low temperature test before the studio drying.
4, the ambient temperature will cause poor machine failure, so the test must be selected when the best temperature of 5-28 degrees, humidity can be about 95%.
5, if the hot and humid test, the actual humidity and the target humidity values vary widely, you should first check the humidification system is working, and then check the humidification system of water supply system whether there is a certain amount of water, water level control is normal, if all normal , Then we must check the electrical control system, then we must ask professional maintenance