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How To Improve The Working Efficiency Of Thermal Shock Testing Machine

May 27, 2017

 Thermal Shock Tester How to improve the working efficiency of thermal shock testing machine A good performance of the thermal shock test machine only in the standard of the best environmental conditions in order to make the test more standard, more perfect, to play the best performance, to achieve the ultimate results. So in what kind of environmental conditions to achieve this effect?

  In order to maximize the performance of the thermal shock test machine, the site must meet the following requirements:

  1, with the adjacent items or walls should leave a certain space, so the front and rear of the box should leave no less than 1.5 meters of space, left and right should leave no less than 1 meter of space.

  2, in order to stabilize the thermal shock test machine performance, function, should make it in the perennial temperature of 15 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 85% of the working environment.

  3, the installation site of the ambient humidity is strictly prohibited drastic changes.

  4, should be installed in the level of the ground and no direct sunlight of the site, need well ventilated, away from flammable, explosive and dust.

  The ring test industry is a comprehensive product of a variety of science and technology, it is a wide variety, and Suzhou thermal shock testing machine is one of them, and widely used, and innovation, it can reproduce the sun, rain and dew caused by the destruction, , Cars, home appliances and other areas of the necessary test equipment, the following we talk about its exclusion.

  Thermal Shock Tester Suzhou thermal shock testing machine at every time the environmental reliability test, the environmental factors of the magnitude, tolerance and category are extremely stringent requirements, and exclude the test is not required to penetrate the environmental factors, so that the end of the trial After the analysis and analysis of product failure and failure mode, to provide the exact basis, it is required in the environmental test equipment in addition to providing the required environmental conditions, the test product is not allowed to add other environmental interference.

  Thermal Shock Tester Science and technology progress on the ring test industry has made a higher update requirements, and Suzhou thermal shock testing machine in modern scientific research experiments, the production process is a very important technical tools, the above is the exclusion of the test box Sex