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How To Get Rid Of The Thermal Shock Tester Clean Trouble

Aug 18, 2017

How to get rid of the Thermal Shock Tester clean trouble
Thermal Shock Tester in the aerospace, electronic and other fields have been widely used. The device is mainly to test the product in different natural environment heat, cold, dry, moisture resistance performance, in order to determine the applicability and reliability of the product. Now with the enterprise's product quality requirements are getting higher and higher, the use of Thermal Shock Tester frequency is gradually increased, but the equipment has become a clean headache, the following Xiaobian told you to share some of the equipment Cleaning tips, so you get rid of clean trouble.
1, after the end of the test, the water tank out of the tank, so that not only can avoid the water tank fouling, but also can effectively maintain the role of the tank to extend the service life.
2, after the end of the test, with a clean cloth to the workplace of the water vapor or stains wipe clean, such as the larger studio inconvenience cleaning, you can directly use the device's high temperature function, set 50 ℃ bake for half an hour.
3, the work room hanging wet ball gauze, due to a long time test will be a certain yellow, hardened, the longest time to replace once a week.
4, the equipment of the condenser should be a regular monthly maintenance, open the studio below the wind shield, with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth will be attached to the above dust clean.
Manufacturers recommend Thermal Shock Tester cleaning work should be placed after half an hour to stop, because after the operation of the device is still left with warm, so as not to hurt.
Thermal Shock Tester after a long period of use, often encountered ice blocking the phenomenon, then what is the reason for the specific? The following by Xiao Bian for your analysis:
Thermal Shock Tester ice blocking reasons:
1. Low-temperature equipment Compressor in the pressure test leak, the water vapor in the air condensed into water droplets, into the pipeline lead to ice blocking;
2. After the cooling evaporator is damaged, the water molecules in the frozen (Tibetan) chamber, together with the water vapor in the air, are brought into the compressor for a long time, and the negative pressure The moisture molecules in the humid air into the machine);
3. Thermal Shock Tester technology tube is not sealed after opening, but not timely repair. This long frost, plus occasionally open the machine, the air will be from the mouth of the water into the machine. There are not sealed and long-term placement of the compressor, without drying on the use of frost on the use, but also cause ice block.
To avoid machine failure in the thermal shock tester, provide the power supply in the rated voltage range. ⒉ In order to prevent electric shock or malfunction and malfunction, do not connect the power supply before installation and wiring ends. ⒊ This product is non-explosion-proof products, please do not have combustible or explosive gas in the use of constant temperature and humidity machine. ⒋ equipment, please try not to open the test chamber door, open the high temperature may cause burns on the operator, open at low temperatures may cause frostbite on the staff, and may cause the evaporator icing, affecting the cooling effect. If you want to open, please do some protective work ⒌ prohibit unauthorized removal, processing, transformation or repair of constant temperature and humidity, otherwise there will be abnormal movement, electric shock or fire hazard. The Thermal Shock Tester maintenance method to make it more long life.
Thermal Shock Tester is the product on the specified temperature and humidity, see the product of high temperature, low temperature, and anti-humidity ability, then the constant temperature and humidity at the same time with heating, cooling, humidification, humidity.
Cooling is an important part of the single point Thermal Shock Tester. It is an important parameter to judge the performance of a thermal shock tester. It consists of four components: compressor, condenser, throttle device and evaporator. Compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, it sucks into low temperature and low pressure gas, into a high temperature and high pressure gas, condensed into liquid by the release of heat through the fan to take away the heat, so the big window Thermal Shock Tester is the following hot air, For the low-pressure liquid, followed by the evaporator into a low-temperature low-pressure gas and finally back to the compressor; refrigerant in the evaporator to absorb heat to complete the gasification process and absorb heat, to achieve cooling purposes, complete the large window Thermal Shock Tester cooling process.