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High Temperature Box Structure Of Alternating Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Dec 16, 2016

Box NC machining shape, elegant, and no reaction, and easy operation.

Box liner using high stainless steel (SUS304) panels, box bile A3 plate spray, adding textured appearance and cleanliness.

Fill water tank box bottom right control and automatic protection of water shortage, more convenient operation add water.

Attached lights to keep the box bright large observation Windows, embedded toughened glass and heating the body, clear observation box at any time.

Humidification system separate from the control circuit board, can be avoided bywetting pipe leak fails, to increase security.

Water system pipe circuit system to facilitate maintenance and repair.

Cabinet adopted Superfine glass fibre insulation wool insulation, you can avoid unnecessary energy loss.

Cabinet equipped with a 50mm test-hole on the left side, available for an externaltest power lines and signal lines to use.