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High Security Considerations For Temperature Alternating Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Dec 16, 2016

1. In order to guarantee the safety of equipment and tests, install the external protective earthing and power supply according to the equipment nameplate;

2. Equipment is strictly prohibited in flammable, explosive, toxic, highly corrosive of the experiments;

3. Non-professionals shall not disassemble, repair;

4. Should have reliable earthing of equipment;

5. Test or unless it is necessary do not open the door in the box, as it may cause personal injury and equipment malfunction;

6. Door locks can only be opened from the outside, into the boxes must be supervised;

7. If you box in hot samples, samples, use the power directly, using the power of the device itself;

8. The equipment has a wide range of protective measures, please check back periodically;

9. Box when the temperature is above 55 degrees, do not open the refrigerant compressor to ensure long life of normal operation of the compressor;

10. With cooling function when handling angle not greater than 45 ℃, and put in place, the boot should be let stand 1-2 days and refrigeration systems work and lifeextension;

11. To use gravity opening/closing door, otherwise easily lead to the door to fall off, resulting in damage to the product, resulting in injury;

12. When you stop using for a long time, you should regularly do drive out moisture, preventing damage to related devices;

13. Product handling, care should be taken to avoid damage to wearing parts such as instrument panel;

14. Read the file attached to the device in order to operate the equipment;

15. The test chamber and explosion-proof device, shall not put inflammable dry

16. In the operation, unless it is necessary, do not open the door, it may cause personal injury and equipment malfunction. High and low temperature steam inside rushed out of the box very dangerous door still caused by high temperature scald