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High And Low Temperature Inhibition Test Instrument Operators Should Pay Attention To The Eight Matters

May 27, 2017

 High and low temperature inhibition test instrument operators should pay attention to the eight matters

    1, all the external conditions of high and low temperature inhibition tester Please the company's "installation site confirmation letter" as the basis for preparation and construction;

    2, the first boot to do high temperature test, because the inner wall of the box has a layer of stainless steel protective oil, the test process will appear a little smoke Please do not panic This is the first high temperature test of the normal phenomenon, the first time to do low temperature test, the cooling rate will be slower , Which is due to the initial flow of low-temperature piping and operation, after several tests can be restored to normal.

    3, all the operation of the test, please install our engineers on-site to explain the procedures of operation, product specifications can be done on the basis of uncertainty and the need to timely contact with our technical department.

    4, when the test box to complete the operation of low temperature, it is recommended to set the temperature in the set at 60 ℃ when the drying treatment for about half an hour and then open the door, so as not to affect the test when the test time or cause the evaporator icing phenomenon ;

    5, High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester the test box process, we must not frequent switch box door, because the refrigeration compressor is a wear test, if the test needs to be in the process of running the machine to replace the sample, check the test sample or increase the test sample, In advance with our sales staff, I can design the two doors or the door openings according to your company's request. At the same time, the life of the parts of the machine can be zero damaged, so that the test box can be extended more effectively. Of the service life.

    6, if you buy the machine with a hot and humid system, wet ball gauze installation location must be accurate, in order to measure the correct relative humidity, our machine box has two probes, please pay attention to distinguish between humidity probe, the bottom of that The root is the humidity probe, please note that the gauze must be all wet before they can be placed in the box inside the probe, the excess part into the sink, if you are installed on the wet ball gauze in doubt, please contact our technical department to provide you Operate the video.

    7, with hot and humid test users Please note that if the test chamber is idle for a long time, the water tank and always show water shortage alarm, please clean the tank float can be re-placed, the humidity display 100% or no time , Please replace the new wet ball gauze can be.

    8, High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester high and low temperature inhibition tester box in operation, please do not touch the hand touch, especially with water touch, will produce electric shock and the risk of being injured by the fan, in order to ensure your personal safety, in the absence of professional and technical personnel guidance Do not carry out maintenance and inspection of the test chamber without authorization.