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Equipment Characteristics Of Alternating High And Low Temperature Humid Chamber

Dec 16, 2016

1. With independent intellectual property rights and design patents, as well as mastery of core environmental test chamber technology

2. Control instruments Japan imported "easy control" FR-1204 constant temperature and humidity box, remote monitoring

3. Refrigeration system using France original Taikang compressor unit, and is equipped with condensate drain Pan

4. And core electrical components are imported from Schneider and other famousbrands

5. Environmental test equipment abroad advanced design concepts, water and electricity separation

6. Shallow wet, novel and unique, drawer and water ways, large water tank design

7. Bottom of the working chamber and drainage grooves designed to prevent condensation, maximum limit fault protection test artifacts

8. Philips Lighting System Kit, observation window using a funnel-shaped design, observational field more open

9. The unique design of leakage protection, safer

10.Excellence, focus on every detail, using more attracted