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Energy Saving Control Of Sothermal Shock Tester

Jun 30, 2017

Energy Saving Control of sothermal Shock Tester
In this paper, the problem of cold and heat offset in constant temperature and humidity is analyzed in detail, and a design principle is proposed to eliminate the cold and heat offset. With regard to the use of multi-junction variable refrigerant flow system, a system partitioning approach is proposed to provide reference for engineering designers.
Constant temperature and humidity air conditioning chassis group in many industrial areas have a lot of use. This type of air conditioning chassis group is often running, energy consumption will naturally more. With the energy depletion of the increasingly serious situation, energy-saving emission reduction has become China's birth enterprises to face the main problem, production enterprises energy control is imperative. In many fine instrument manufacturers, to ensure that the indoor temperature and humidity of the air conditioning unit is a high energy consumption operations constitute a raw component.
So control the energy consumption of the thermostatic impact testing machine is the primary component of reducing the energy consumption. Energy-saving thinking and design of sothermal Shock Tester, is the current broad engineering and technical personnel need to face the primary problem. Constant temperature and humidity center air conditioning system, respectively, in other air-conditioning system, that is, its indoor temperature and humidity invariability requirements of special. Some of the temperature swing limit requirements within 1 degree Celsius, that is, up and down the floating 0.5 degrees Celsius, but also on the humidity also have higher requirements.
Temperature and humidity are not only subject to external and indoor conditions of control, temperature and humidity will also affect each other. Such as in twenty degrees Celsius when the time, when the temperature up and down a degree of vibration, it will lead to relative humidity about four percent shake. With the rapid increase in mechanical processing technology, requiring the temperature and humidity to shake the smaller, which are on the thermostat impact testing machine made a higher demand, will greatly improve the energy consumption of the air conditioning system. In order to reduce energy consumption, it is necessary to carry out energy-saving design of constant temperature and impact testing machine, and use constant temperature and humidity test chamber to carry out experiments, in addition, because the sothermal Shock Tester method using conventional units, rarely use the current efficient variable refrigerant flow concentration Air Conditioning System. If the use of variable refrigerant flow of multi-body split air-conditioning, then the constant temperature and humidity air conditioning hot and cold source costs can be reduced to complete energy conservation.
And on the use of the whole air system, there is cold and heat in the air to offset the scene, resulting in greatly increased energy consumption. At present, the sothermal Shock Tester and other air-conditioning system has a special local, is to design and build a high-precision constant temperature and humidity room, often using the whole air system
It can control the thermostatic impact test chassis temperature, we only need to set the computer software system you need to test the ambient temperature, then the constant temperature and humidity chamber will automatically drive the compressor to the box to warm or cool, when To reach our set temperature value, it will immediately stop working. As the box is made of special materials, the temperature inside the box from the external factors, so that we can achieve a constant temperature of the environmental effects of various tests.