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Common Troubleshooting Method For High And Low Temperature Dampening Tester

Jun 30, 2017

Common troubleshooting method for High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester
1. High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester In high temperature test, if the temperature changes can not reach the test temperature value, you can check the electrical system, one by one troubleshooting. If the temperature rises slowly, it is necessary to check the wind circulation system, look at the wind circulation adjustment baffle is open normally, on the contrary, check the wind circulation motor is running normally. Such as the temperature overshoot so you need to set the PID set parameters. If the temperature rises directly, over temperature protection, then, the controller fails, need to replace the control instrument.
    2. High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester low temperature can not reach the test indicators, then you have to observe the temperature changes, the temperature is very slow, or the temperature to a certain value after the temperature has rebounded, the former will check to do Whether the studio will be dried before the low temperature test, so that the studio will be dry and then put the test sample into the studio to do the test, the studio test sample placed too much, so that the work room can not fully circulate the wind, After the above reasons, we must consider whether the failure of the refrigeration system, and this will ask the manufacturers of professionals to overhaul. The latter phenomenon is caused by the poor use of the equipment, the ambient temperature of the equipment placed, the location of the placement (the distance between the box and the wall) to meet the requirements (in the equipment operating instructions are provided).
    3. High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester in the hot and humid test, the actual humidity will reach 100% or the actual humidity and the target humidity vary greatly, the value is much lower, the former phenomenon: the wet bulb sensor may be caused by drying, It is necessary to check the wet bulb sensor water tank is water, the water level in the tank is controlled by a water level controller, check the water level controller water supply system is normal water supply, water level controller is working properly. Another may be the wet bulb gauze due to the use of a long time, or the quality of water supply purity of the reasons, will make the gauze hard, so that gauze can not absorb water and dry, as long as the replacement or cleaning gauze can rule out the above phenomenon. The latter phenomenon is mainly the humidification system does not work to see the humidification system of the water supply system, the water supply system whether there is a certain amount of water to control the water level of the humidifier boiler water level is normal, humidification boiler water level is normal. If everything is normal, it is necessary to check the electrical control system, which requires professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.
    4. High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester equipment in the course of a sudden test failure, the control instrument appears on the corresponding fault display prompts and voice alarm tips. The operator can quickly check out which type of fault is in the chapter on the troubleshooting of the operation of the device. The operator can quickly troubleshoot to ensure that the test is performed normally. Other environmental testing equipment in use there will be other phenomena, it is necessary to specific phenomena, specific analysis and exclusion.
    Environmental testing equipment should also be carried out on a regular basis, the refrigeration system of the refrigeration system to clean up regularly, for the activities of parts should be lubricated according to the instructions, electrical control system regular maintenance checks, etc., these work is essential.