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Choose High And Low Temperature Dampening Tester Instrument Of The Nine Major Advantages

Aug 31, 2017

Choose High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester instrument of the nine major advantages
1, High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester practical and stable: the products used in the market are tested for many years, the market generally agree with the products, the vast majority of imports or joint ventures, thousands of options to ensure that the machine products in the Stability in use and aging resistance.
2, advanced technology, mature: the use of advanced, mature technology and equipment, to create a very low failure rate, high stability and good cost-effective High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester, so that customers with the rest assured that the use of peace of mind.
3, High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester safe and reliable: the product is equipped with over-temperature sound and light alarm, no wire protection switch, overpressure protection, fan motor installed over current protection, high temperature wire, explosion-proof bulb, exhaust system, Smoke alarm, etc., to fully protect the safety of electronic products and surrounding environment equipment.
        4, beautiful appearance, generous: the overall product design is reasonable, the details handle properly, machine beautiful, generous.
5, the temperature fluctuation, uniformity: equipment, equipped with high-quality exhaust system, fully meet your company's large demand for heat, temperature fluctuations in the control within 1 degree, uniformity is also better.
6, High and Low Temperature Dampening Testerer Instrument easy to operate: with the Chinese / English display TEMI580 temperature / humidity program control regulator, the computer prepared by the customer. The controller uses LCD liquid crystal display touch screen, the control system uses man-machine dialogue mode; with automatic, intelligent, user-friendly design.
        7, environmental protection, energy saving: high and low temperature test instrument in the design of the world to take full account of the world's environmental protection and energy situation in the selection of parts, more reasonable, fully meet the modern enterprise environmental protection, energy requirements.
8, ultra-quiet: product selection of high-quality fan components, a reasonable duct circulation system, working conditions, the sound is very light, to the operator a better working environment and production environment.
9, extended and easy to move: the product fully take into account the rapid development of your company, the need for larger volume or change the place, in the assembly or relocation, the overall engineering and equipment are modular structure, more reasonable, easier to operate , Does not cause duplication of construction and waste.
High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester instrument can be used to accelerate the hot and humid test, alternating hot and humid test, constant hot and humid test, but also do high and low temperature test tester high and low temperature routine test, cold test, low temperature storage, in order to high and low temperature hot and humid test to develop environmental conditions Under the performance and quality, behavior analysis and evaluation.
High and low temperature hot and humid test chamber main features:
1, High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester overall structure, the use of German advanced technology and technology means in line with international aesthetic, standardized box appearance nice double point door lock device, lever power open mechanism; accurate calculation of the art duct structure, Small temperature deviation.
2, high and low temperature hot and humid test chamber hollow coating electric heating glass low temperature does not condensation; dry air circulation system, effectively prevent the High and Low Temperature Dampening Testerer temperature cycle test sample condensation.
3, imported computer instrument temperature control wet, intelligent digital display operation is simple and intuitive, high reliability and easy maintenance. The High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester adopts LED LCD touch screen, industrial man-machine interface, waterproof and vibration-resistant, automatic control system, which effectively solves the problem of difficult training and training. When the equipment fails, the LCD interface will have corresponding fault prompt , The operator can be easily repaired according to the equipment manual.
4, refrigeration compressors and key accessories are imported international brand name, running long and reliable; environmentally friendly refrigerant refrigeration, in line with international conventions. (High and Low Temperature Dampening Testerer series of constant temperature and humidity box without refrigeration dehumidification device).