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Brief Introduction Of Low Temperature System Of High And High And Low Temperature Dampening Tester

Jun 22, 2017

Brief Introduction of Low Temperature System of High and High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester
High and High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester Main types of electrical and electronic products and other products, parts and materials, through the rapid temperature conversion to achieve the transformation of the product caused by the destructive. The temperature recovery time of 5min, from the high temperature region to the low temperature region of the conversion time in 15s or even shorter efficient temperature index. Is the general high and low temperature box catch up. Thus, the high and low temperature inhibition tester has become one of the most demanding products of the high and low temperature inhibition tester industry.

The reproducibility of the environmental conditions provided by the high and low temperature inhibition tester is provided by the national metrological verification department in accordance with the verification procedures established by the national technical supervision institution. To this end, must be required to meet the high and low temperature test instrument to meet the technical requirements of the technical indicators and accuracy requirements, and the use of time does not exceed the time limit specified in the test cycle.

As the name suggests, sub-high temperature, low temperature two, high temperature we all know that the use of high-quality nickel-chromium alloy wire heater can be completed 150 ℃, 200 ℃, 300 ℃ high temperature. Low temperature has become the best means to measure the product, in order to ensure the test chamber cooling rate and test quality, high and High and Low Temperature Dampening Tester using a set of imported semi-closed compressor composed of binary cascade air-cooled refrigeration system. The cascade refrigeration system consists of a high-temperature refrigeration cycle and a low-temperature refrigeration cycle, the connection vessel for the evaporative condenser, the evaporative condenser is also the role of energy transfer, the work room heat through the two-stage refrigeration system to pass out, the goal of. Refrigeration system design and application of energy regulation technology, an effective way to deal with both in the normal operation of the refrigeration unit to ensure that the cooling system can also be the energy consumption and cooling capacity for effective regulation, so that the operating costs of refrigeration systems And the failure rate dropped to a more economical state; and the use of DUPONT R404A (high temperature cycle), R23 (low temperature cycle) environmental protection refrigerant, while ensuring the test results and environmental awareness.

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