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Analysis Of The Structural Characteristics Of Weather Resistant Tester

Jun 14, 2017

Analysis of the structural characteristics of Weather Resistant Tester

Salt spray test chamber as a whole for the import of PVC reinforced rigid plastic plate, the surface smooth and smooth, and resistant to aging, corrosion-resistant; easy to clean, no leakage, to abandon the glass fiber material should be time to produce surface fade fibrosis, transparent transparent impact plate manufacturing , Easy to test the test sample test conditions. Test methods: neutral salt spray test (NSS test), salt spray test (SS test), acetate spray test (ASS test), copper accelerated vinegar test, high temperature and humidity test.

Weather Resistant Tester of the box structure characteristics are as follows:

1, the internal use of advanced ring with three-dimensional reinforcement technology, strong structure, never deformation, and acid and alkali, high temperature never aging, for salt spray, copper acetate and other test specifications.

2, the controller are in the same panel, easy to operate, at a glance.

3, Weather Resistant Tester automatically integrated water system, the water level is insufficient to automatically add water level, the test is not interrupted, the water level warning, to ensure the use of safety.

4, precision glass nozzle made of special glass, mist spread evenly and naturally fall on the test piece, continuous use of 4000 hours to ensure that no crystal salt block.

5, with dual over-temperature protection, over-temperature warning display, and cut off the heater power to ensure the use of safety.

6, spray tower with cone-shaped disperser, with a guide fog, adjust the amount of fog and uniform fog and other functions.

7, Weather Resistant Tester steam direct heating method, heating speed and uniform, reduce the standby time, heating pipe made of high corrosion-resistant titanium tube.

8, saturated air bucket with the law of enjoyment, to be heated and humidified, and to provide the necessary humidity laboratory

Weather Resistant Tester and the general test box have the same alarm function, when there is an incorrect operation, it will alarm and automatically cut off the power to stop working. Weather Resistant Tester may have the following reasons:

1. box over-temperature alarm:

Alarm reason: the sample area sensor and channel is equipped with over-temperature protection device, the operation panel is equipped with over-temperature protection device, when the test area temperature exceeds the allowable temperature set on the panel, weather tester shut down and alarm.

Solution: must set the over-temperature protection switch set to 180 ℃ equipment to work.

2. Sample over-temperature protection alarm:

Alarm Cause: When the temperature of the sample area exceeds the protection temperature set by the controller, the device stops and alarm

Solution: must be troubleshooting and reset the device before the normal operation. Sample over-temperature protection sub-limit protection, the lower limit protection, the user can be arbitrarily set according to need.

3. weather test instrument fan overheating alarm:

Alarm Cause: When the fan coil overheating, the device stops and alarm

Solution: The device must be restored to allow recovery.