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Analysis Of Precision Requirements For Thermal Shock Tester

Jun 14, 2017

Analysis of precision requirements for Thermal Shock Tester

Thermal shock test machine directly affect the test results of the test results, in the optional test box, we should first understand that the current domestic test chamber accuracy commonly used 1 and 0.5 of the two, for the general material test selection 1 Level of the test box is completely enough, there is no need to spend more money to improve the accuracy of scientific research and material analysis on the need for 0.5-class precision hot and cold impact test chamber.

In fact, for the 0.5 and 1 level of the test box in the technical difference is not obvious, the calibration method and means are basically the same, which is the same as the correction point, with the development of sensor technology, sensor components linear The degree has reached a very high level, as long as the measurement circuit is not defective, anti-jamming performance is good, then all the hot and cold impact test box will reach 0.5 accuracy is no problem, for the electrical measurement has been far beyond the 0.5 The relative error in the definition of national standards is open to question.

Thermal shock test machine compressor vibration noise The main reasons are: the oil mixed with air, hot and cold impact test chamber in the pilot valve cavity before the formation of cavitation phenomenon caused by high frequency noise. At this point, should be exhausted in time to prevent the outside air and re-enter. Damping spring fatigue deformation caused by its unstable voltage regulator, making the pressure fluctuations caused by large noise, this time should replace the spring. Needle valve in the course of the use of frequent open and excessive wear and tear, so that the needle cone and the valve seat can not be close, resulting in unstable flow of the pilot, resulting in pressure fluctuations caused by noise, this time should be promptly repaired or replaced.

Thermal shock test machine appears poor cooling effect, the first should check the air filter and condenser surface with or without dirt, if it should be cleaned. Then, check the pipeline, constant temperature and humidity chamber compressor and fan motor, if the leakage problem, the treatment method and constant temperature and humidity chamber is not the same way. If the motor starting and running capacity loss should be replaced. If there is a short circuit between the stator windings of the fan motor, it is judged by the multimeter.