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Alternating High And Low Temperature Humid Chamber Freeze Frost Leak Do

Dec 16, 2016

Leakage of high temperature alternating temperature humidity test Chamber

① Checking water pipes, drinking cups, wet barrels, tank is normal, if there are any, raw meal bag searches or neutral glass heat resistant sealant,

② Check box seals are OK, if there are any neutral glass heat resistant rubber seal

③ Insulation check cooling system is normal, if there are any, insulation cotton wound strengthening insulation

Alternating high and low temperature humid Chamber within the frosting or icing

① long running low temperature lead to rise after high-temperature baking dry cooling

② Experiments often doors leading out of the box, try doing the experiment cannot be opened, or less out of the box door (conditional with glass door)

③ Cycle or motor damage wind turbines off, replace the circulating motor and tighten the wheel