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Alternating High And Low Temperature Humid Chamber Description

Dec 16, 2016

1. The first time electricity, after the power is switched on, the controller when there is no display, check the device power requirements, are there in three-phase power supply or Exchange any two phases in three-phase power supply, if still does notwork, please notify the company's after-sales service department or local office.

2. Equipment operation, control cabinet back issue "beep" alarm and controller display "DRY HEAT" means that the device internal over temperature, need to checkthe temperature control system.

3. Equipment operation, control cabinet back the same "beep" alarm and controller screen appears "WET HEAT" says internal humidifier overheating (the humidifierwithout water in the tank heating) at this point it is necessary to check humidity water system. (Check that the water tank pump is working, determines the flow pipe)

4. Alarm, screen shows "REF ERR1" or "REF ERR2" refrigerating unit 1 or refrigerating units 2 exception, namely refrigerating unit 1 or refrigeration units in 2 high voltage high current overload or refrigerator, electrical system needs to reset the thermal relay or relays. (Refrigeration systems, such as a single mechanism in cold weather, when there is a cooling system failure would only provide "unit 1" alert)