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Alternating High And Low Temperature Humid Chamber With Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber Material

Dec 16, 2016

(1) Indoor wall using imported SUS304 ﹟ stainless steel mirror plate processingmolding, wall high temperature, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean

(2) Housing made of cold rolled steel plate processing molding, surface phosphate electrostatic spraying powder by high temperature treatment, abrasion, corrosion, and peeling

(3) The thermal insulation layer of rigid polyurethane foam and Superfine thermal cotton.

(4) High speed stainless steel finned heating (1.0KWx1) electric

(5) Private motor, centrifugal fan convection to achieve intensity convection verticalproliferation cycle

(6) Special imported SUS304 ﹟ stainless steel mirror plate duct, adopted a triageblast, which can effectively guarantee the uniformity of the temperature cycle in thebox

(7) Stainless steel removable sample frame, each bearing up to 25Kg or more (twofloors)

(8) The refrigeration systems use France Taikang whole sealing compressor set imported units, refrigerant DUPONT company Euro-II standard-R404a refrigerant 

(9) Air cooled condensers, convection fin evaporator

(10) The imported refrigeration accessories (Italy solenoid valve, filter, United States pressure controllers, pressure controllers, shock absorber hoses, Taiwan oil separator, etc)

(11) The imported PT-100 sensor for temperature measurement.

(12) The imported temperature control temperature control unit (set up for touch).the box temperature detection and control, heating actuator using SSR-solid staterelays.