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About Programmable Controllers Temperature Alternating Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Dec 16, 2016

Controller operation interface available in Chinese and English, running in real timegraphs can be displayed by the screen.

With 120 sets of program capacity of 12000 step 999 cycle, each time setting themaximum is 99 hours, 59 minutes.

After you enter information and test conditions, the controller has the screen lock function to avoid human touch down.

Has the function of automatic calculations, conditions of temperature and humiditychanges can be immediately amended and made more precise control of temperature and humidity stable.

Freezing and wind path system

Refrigerator use France original "Taikang" hermetic compressors.

Freezer unit or system design of dual-temperature loop.

Multi-blade fan force air circulation, avoiding any dead ends, allows even distribution of temperature and humidity in the test area.