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A Chinese Girl Says American Air So Sweet And Fresh

May 23, 2017

At noon on May 21st, at the University of Maryland graduation ceremony in 2017, a Chinese woman student named Shuping Yang delivered a graduation speech as a representative of the whole school. In Taiwan, and overseas in the United States around Chinese students, this is a very proud, proud, can the students the next speech can let everyone happy, even let the audience the China students embarrassed!

According to the site to attend the graduation ceremony of Lin students, the students said in her speech: "she said she was mainly at home every day to go out wearing masks, come here to breathe the sweet and fresh air."

To emphasize this, the speaker said, "I felt free when I walked out of the airport.There was no fog to blur my glasses, nor breathe, nor any oppression."

Her remarks, so that users bombed the pot, the net friend to find her own micro-blog, found that the girl is from Kunming in the past! So, what's the air quality of this city in Kunming?

2016 data show:

Kunming urban air quality up to two national standards, the excellent rate was 98.9%, the optimal number of days to 146 days, air quality ranked ninth in the 74 National City, ranked third in the capital city, is only one of the top ten Inland cities in China......

In this regard, we believes that the girl is talking about her individual feelings and experiences, and did not attempt to represent others. She felt her individual needs to wear a mask, individuals are more sensitive not to wear a mask to get sick, she felt the individual speech in the United States than Chinese large space, your feelings may not the same, but there is no need to punish substantially, can not buckle "disgrace China" and "traitor" hat, not flesh her privacy, harassing her friend.

From another point of view, can we make the air quality a little better? Can the elderly, children, people with asthma, heart disease, vulnerable, vulnerable people also breathe better? Will the girl's reminder help improve?

At present, coal accounts for more than 60% of China's primary energy consumption, and nearly half of the world's coal combustion in China has become one of the main sources of waste gas and dust. In addition, in 2016, China's vehicle ownership has reached 285 million, the exhaust emissions also further aggravated the deterioration of air quality. Therefore, whether it is shutting down the factory, or limit the number of vehicles, can only be a temporary, really want to solve the haze problem, the fundamental way is to change the current energy consumption, accelerate PV represented the development of new energy industry.

Finally, we have to sigh a sentence

Photovoltaic come, haze less!

Support the new energy industry,

Return us blue sky and white clouds!

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