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Thermal shock test chamber Tower failure solution

Dec 16, 2016

Thermal shock test Chamber of the cooling water temperature when air flow is uneven, produced when air circulation again, heat sink material can block the spray pipe, there are several solutions;

1. The best way is to improve ventilation,

2. Then remove the heat sink material blocked area,

3. Remove dirt and algae.

4. Noise and vibration if the fan is not installed properly you need to install the fan.

5. When water droplets when excess spatter, spray pipe rotating too fast, thermalmaterials will block

6. If water failure should adjust the angle the spray pipe problem, elimination of thermal wood blocking where replaced with water.

7. Motor overload may be down to low voltage condition, check power source and adjustment.

Water tower in one of the internal structure of the thermal shock test Chamber, is running all the important parts. Run in temperatures and wind speeds need to apply to the components in the process, if there is a fault in this regard will result in the device is not working properly, I hope these solutions can help you!