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Sample of inventory that cannot be put into high and low temperature test Chamber

Dec 16, 2016

High and low temperature test Chamber is extremely common in the loop test, butdid you really use for high and low temperature test Chamber? you know, there are many samples cannot be placed in a test Chamber, the experiment, and use highand low temperature box-there are many other considerations that we have to know.

(1) The substance must not be used to test high and low temperature test Chamber:

1. Fuel: yellow phosphorus, sulfur, phosphorus, red phosphorus, phosphate of lime, Aluminum powder, magnesium powder, sodium bisulfite, etc;

2. Combustible: acetaldehyde, benzene to olefin oxide, carbon disulfide, and otherflash point less than-30℃ material, ethylene oxide, acetone, benzene, methyl ethylketone and other flash point at-30℃ or more but less than 0 ℃ substances;

3. Explosives: nitroglycol (ethylene glycol dinitrate), glycerine (Glycerin Shaw acid esters), cellulose nitrate and other explosive nitric acid esters.

(2) Considerations during high and low temperature test Chamber

In the course of operation, unless absolutely necessary, do not open the door, ormay even cause gas rushed out of the box outside or inside of the door remains high temperature, resulting in Burns and even hot air could trigger a fire alarm andmalfunction.