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Resistant to climate testing machine maintenance specifications

Dec 16, 2016

1. Set the temperature exceed the temperature of equipment provided;

2. Keep boxes neat appearance; to prevent dust intrusion box;

3. Avoid external forces impacting box;

4. Prohibition of chemical exposure device;

5. Equipment for wastewater discharge system must be in place;

6. After the test was over, the machine power supply cut off;

7. After the end of each test, samples should be removed, tank cleaning of equipment;

8. In accordance with the specifications for the power supply line connections andgrounding;

9. Check for overheating protection, has been programmed (factory-tuned, usuallywithout adjusting);

10. Laboratory installed within the ventilation fan, maintain good indoor ventilation;

11. Check before each start circuit control system;

12. Power supply and grounding of confirmation;

13. To observe the water level in the water tank when the spray test, time to add purified water;