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Hot and cold shock testing machine parts 3 months must be cleaned once

Dec 16, 2016

Car maintenance, furniture maintenance, skin care, physical health also need maintenance, do not forget your test equipment needs maintenance!

Here I introduce you to hot and cold shock testing machine cleaning and maintenance methods;

1. Thermal shock test Chamber of the evaporator should be cleaned regularly, dueto NET class Guinea pig clean, forced air circulation under the evaporator will gather a lot of dust particles and other small objects, after wash recommended 2 testsshould be regularly cleaned.

2. Temperature test-box cycling fan, condenser fan cleaning and balancing: similarto cleaning the evaporator due to Chamber's work environment is different, circulation fan, condenser fans will gather a lot of dust particles and other small objects,should be regularly cleaned.

3. Thermal shock test Chamber, humidifier cleaning of waterways, waterway jam, scaling causes of humidifier humidifier dry, could damage the humidifier, it must be time for waterway, cleaning the humidifier cleaning it is recommended each time you finish the test, check the water before making the experiment and humidifier.

4. Thermal shock test chamber at low temperature for a long time, as a cycle whenyou are finished, set the temperature to 110 degrees, slightly open door defrost two hours of treatment. Also should insist that each test is finished, set the temperature close to the ambient temperature, about 30 minutes, then cut off the power supply, net work and dry interior walls. Hot and cold shock testing machine downtime does not use for a long time, should be scheduled every half-month power up,power on time not less than 1 hour, related parts and testing equipment is functioning properly.

5. Hot and cold shock testing machine the condenser should be fixed once every 3months clean,

(1) For refrigeration systems using air-cooled cooling should be scheduled maintenance condenser fan,

(2) The condenser cleaning dust, for good ventilation and heat resistance;

(3) For the refrigeration system using water cooling, in addition to ensure the water pressure, water temperature within the specified range, must also ensure the appropriate flow and timing on the condenser for cleaning and descaling inside, to get its sustained heat.