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Deactivate temperature humidity test chamber for a long time how to do?

Dec 16, 2016

In times of high and low heat temperature and humidity test chambers during the test, a lot of people will encounter this problem: high and low temperature humid Chamber does not use for a long time, what to do?

(1) First remove the test chamber test, constant set temperature 100 ℃ test chamber 1h, drying chamber moisture;

(2) Stops running, open the door, test chamber temperature to room temperature;

(3) Turn off the main power breaker in the Chamber;

(4) With a clean cloth to wipe clean avoidance within the high and low temperature test Chamber.

(5) Between the door seals and test box with note pad, and prevent the door sealbox adhesive; if you are going for a long time, also can put some talcum powderon the door seal;

(6) Drain humidity water tank deionized water, clean the water tank;

(7) Turn off the cooling water inlet valve, excluding water cooled condenser cooling water (for water cooling equipment);

(8) Off damp and hot water tank automatic valve;

(9) Open Chamber test holes to prevent the long closed test chamber doors leading to poor ventilation inside the box, and bacteria;

(10) After stop using constant humidity test Chamber, the same shall be placed in adry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, should maintain a constant humiditytest Chamber after the location place smooth;10) has the best turn on a power per month, the compressor running for half an hour to one hour before closing;

(11) The indoor air humidity, so do not use plastic bags invariable humidity test chamber cover, moisture absorption into easily distributed, causing corrosion of themetal parts and the destruction of electronic components.