New Design Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Test Chamber

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Product Details

Vibration Testing

Shock and vibration testing is used in a number of ways to help manufacturers gain insights on product reliability. During testing the type of vibration test is selected to mirror the typical expected vibration that the product may see during transit and throughout its life-cycle. These tests can be designed for simulation of random, sine or mixed mode with multi-axis vibration and shock.

Our test laboratories provide vibration testing for automotive, aerospace, electronic components, and packaging applications to help ensure product reliability and safety. For example, manufacturers use vibration to test almost every part of a vehicle to simulate the effect of road conditions. Aerospace/Defense products are also tested using vibration tests to simulate the extreme conditions the products will see in its in-use environment.

Adding Temperature & Humidity to Vibration Testing

In order to provide the most realistic and value-added results for your testing projects, additional variables are often needed. Incorporating additional environments with vibration such as temperature and humidity provides real-world conditions the product will realize in its end use condition.

When testing for reliability or for compliance, each project has very specific conditions that must be met. Some of these conditions could include: force, displacement, frequency, temperature, and humidity.

Shock and vibration testing is monitored via digital vibration and control analysis equipment tailored to match your specific hardware. Data monitoring and reporting methodologies are available.

At Bositong Testing Services, we pride ourselves in first understanding our customer’s needs. Whether for compliance to industry regulatory standards or to improve product quality and reliability, we utilize over 15 years of experience to tailor each project to meet or exceed each our customers testing goals.

Technical Data:

Temperature range: -70℃ to +150℃

Temperature fluctuation: ≤± O.5℃

Temperature accuracy:±2 ℃

Humidity range: 10% ~ 98%R.H

Humidity accuracy: 3%R.H

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