Environment Simulation Highly Accelerated Life Test Machine/HALT Test Chamber

Environment Simulation Highly Accelerated Life Test Machine/HALT Test Chamber
Product Details

Environment simulation highly accelerated life test machine/HALT test chamber

The chamber is used to shorten the life of the product by giving the environmental stress (such as high temperature) and work stress (high power voltage, load, etc.) to speed up the test process.

It is for the investigation and analysis of the wear and life issues of electronic components and mechanical parts, the failure distribution function is what kind of life form, and to analyze the reason of the failure rising rate.

Key Features

1. The circular cross structure is convenient for the user to take the frequency to be measured.

2. Good temperature and humidity distribution uniformity by electromagnetic fan motor.

3. Safety program automatic stop, automatic pressure relief.

4. HAST design body material SUS316, external packaging material SUS304

5. Circular groove and safety testing knocker buckle structure design

6. with temperature/humidity/wet bulb/pressure display

7. Pressure resistant tank,

Box pressure (140℃) 2.65kg, in compliance with the water pressure test 6kg

8. Two section type pressure safety protection device

9. Two section type combined controller and mechanical pressure protection device

10. Safety protection pressing button

11.Two section type automatic pressing button for emergency safety device

12. LabOratorv Intelligent exhaust design (in the boiler air extraction) to improve the stability and reproducibility of pressure

13. Long run test run time. Long time running experiment machine running 400 hours

14. USB2.0 digital recorder storage interface



Inside Size W×D×H(cm)


Temperature Range


Outside Size W×D×H(cm)


Humidity Range


Inside Volume (Litre)


Temperature Accuracy


External Material


Humidity Uniformity



Internal Material

Stainless Steel


Temperature Stability


Major Device

Pressure Range


(including 1atm)


Standard Pressure Vessel


HAST-S-2005 Touch panel

Humidification System

(Electric Pip Heaters)

Program Library Editing

150 sets of programs

Humidification Water   Supply

Manual water supply




Standard Accessories

Testing Plate*2,Testing Frame*1

Optional Accessories

Pure Silver Conduct 4Pin

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