Environment Hast High Temperature Accelerated Aging Testing Chamber

Environment Hast High Temperature Accelerated Aging Testing Chamber
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Environment Hast high temperature accelerated aging testing chamber

This chamber is to test the resistance to high temperature and air tightness for circuit board, multi-layer circuit board, and PC, LCD and magnet iron. This machine is one of the common machines in aging equipment, used to test various types of materials for their performance under the condition of high temperature and high pressure. Application: Quality inspection for all types of electronic products, electric appliance, and products from communication, instrument, metal, plastic, automobile, food, chemical, building materials, medical and aerospace industries.

Kunshan Bositong Instrument Equipment Co., LTD is a leading manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing and marketing the reliable environmental test chambers. Our main products: environmental test equipment and mechanical/optical equipment, such as programmable constant temperature humidity test chamber, high - low temperature cycling test chamber, thermal shock test machine(2zone or 3zone), high-low temperature shock chamber, Highly pressure accelerated aging test machine, rapid temperature change test chamber, walk-in constant temperature humidity chamber, high temperature oven, rain-resistant test chamber,  sand and dust test chamber, Ozone ageing test chamber, salt spray test machine, etc.



Inside Size W×D×H(cm)


Temperature Range


Outside Size W×D×H(cm)


Humidity Range


Inside Volume (Litre)


Temperature Accuracy


External Material


Humidity Uniformity



Internal Material

Stainless Steel


Temperature Stability


Major Device

Pressure Range


(including 1atm)


Standard Pressure Vessel


HAST-S-2005 Touch panel

Humidification System

(Electric Pip Heaters)

Program Library Editing

150 sets of programs

Humidification Water   Supply

Manual water supply




Standard Accessories

Testing Plate*2,Testing Frame*1

Optional Accessories

Pure Silver Conduct 4Pin

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