Fast Rate Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

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Product Details
With wide experience and expertise, BOSITONG manufacturers and trades quality fast rate temperature humidity test chamber. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various testers in China, we sincerely welcome you to buy or wholesale the durable and precise tester from our factory.

Product Detail

Basic Info

Product Description

-Temperature range:-70oC~+180oC
-Temp constancy: within ±0.5oC
-Temp tolerance: ≤±2.0°C
-Ramp rate: 3°C/min, 5C/min, 10C/min 
(Remark: Above data measured based on ambient temperature is +25oC, RH is 85%RH, without specimen, constant temperature at 2 hours.)

Control method: BTHC, Balanced Temperature (Humidity) control
Utility temperature: +5oC ~ +35oC
Power supply: AC380V±10%, 3-phase, 50Hz±10%
Standard configuration:
Electrothermal film glass observation window, cable hole with plug*1,
specimen shelf 2pcs, illumination lamp 1pc, caster 4pcs

Complied standards:
GB/T2423.1-2008 Test A: Low Temperature Test Method
GB/T2423.2 2008 Test B: High Temperature Test Method
GB/T2423.3-2006 Test Ca: Constant Damp and Hot Test (For WR series only)
GB/T2423.4-2008 Test Db: Alternating wet and Heat Test (For WR series only)

IEC 60068-2-1-1990
Basic Environmental. Testing Procedures. Part 2: Tests. Test A: Cold.
IEC 60068-2-2-1974 Environmental testing - Part 2: Tests - Tests B: Dry Heat

Large viewing window with heaters for monitoring the test status anytime.
Stable and user-friendly programmable touch screen controller
Cable access ports (Additional ports available upon customer's requirements)
High quality and adjustable specimen shelves
Multi levels safety protection devices
Strict function test and manufacturer's temperature calibration before package
Superb service will be provided
External: Double galvanized metal steel sheet, with spray-paint electrostatic processing surface
Internal: High quality stainless steel with mirror polishing
Insulation: Rigid polyurethane foam and glass fiber
Heater: Nickel chrome alloy
Humidifier: Stainless steel, with internal water tank humidity water supply and auto-feeding water supply for customer's using.

Standard: 40kg/layer *2 layers with slide-out rails for height adjustable
(60kg / 100kg / additional layers available upon customers requirements)
Additional cable port:
Standard: 1*50mm with seal plug will be provided
Optional: 100mm, additional ports available upon customer's requirements

Big observation window

Big viewing range observation window for monitoring the samples status clearly.
Inner glass door(Options)

Inner glass door with 2 glove operation holes to operate specimen easily with good heat / cold preservation

Refrigeration system
Modular design, reliable quality, easy maintenance
Welding vibration line using silver solder with silver content more than 45%, improve reliability and decrease leakage.
Pure copper pipes and special design evaporator and condenser
GN2 purge during all soldering operation to eliminate the buildup of minor objects leading to system contamination
Refrigerant pressure gauge
Refill port for easily maintenances and service


Control system

-5.7 inch TFT color LCD display
- 999 programs capacity, 99 segment per pattern, and 99 times loop function.
- RS485 communication interface, controller can be fully compatible and controlled through computer, communicate software will be provided
- Graph display function
- SD memory card, max. data storage capacity is 750 days by default (sampling interval is 5min)
- Support language: Chinese, English, Russia (Optional)

Programmable touch screen controller
Graph recording and reviewing, enable user to monitor the testing status clearly. Powerful programming capacity:
Pattern & Segments: 120 pattern / max. 1200 segments, max.999H 59M 59S can be set.

Controller-computer integrated system
RS485 communication interface, controller can be fully compatible and controlled through computer, communicate software will be provided
After communicataed with computer, the controller can be fully controlled, edited, monitored on remote controller.

Paperless recorder (Optional):

-Brightness and clarity display,
640*480 TFT-LCD, 256 colors
-Touch screen display
-Fast record data search
-Provous data search during recording
-Convenient message function
-High quality and function stable
-Build-in chamber ability
Paperless recorder

Specimen power supply control terminal, T/S signal control
T/S signal control available for specimen power supply

Adjustable build-in over temperature protection
Test area
-Adjustable build-in over temperature protection
-Additional over temperature protection
-Over temperature limitation setup protection
Refrigeration system
-Compressor over pressure
-Compressor over load
-Fan over-heat for condensation fan (Air cooled)

Electrical control
-Blower over heat protection
-Phase sequence, phase lose protection
-Earth leakage protection
-Load short circuit