Supply Environmental Fast Change Rate Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Supply Environmental Fast Change Rate temperature and humidity test chamber Fast alternating high-low temperature test chamber is applicable for the cold resistance tests...

Product Details

Supply Environmental Fast Change Rate temperature and humidity test chamber

Fast alternating high-low temperature test chamber is applicable for the cold resistance tests, the applicability tests under the conditions of fast/slowly-changing temperature and the environmental stress screening (ESS) tests for instruments, meters and electric and electronic products and parts to analyze and evaluate the property and performance of the samples under the simulated conditions.

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Technical Data:

Temperature Range: -70℃ to +150℃  (with fast change from -45℃ to +85℃)

Humidity Range(optional): 10 to 98%RH (5 to 98%RH needs to be special designed)

Analytical precision of temperature and humidity: ±0.1℃;0.1%RH/2.0℃;3.0%R.H.

Accuracy of Temperature and  Humidity: ±0.5℃;±2.0%RH

Heating / cooling time: Linear 3.0℃--15℃/min adjustable; Nonlinear 3.0℃--20℃/min adjustable and can be with dry air purge device;

Controller: LCD Color Touch Screen (JHH-2011)

Power Supply: Single Phase 220V; 3phase 380V

Water: Pure water or distilled water

Internal material: SUS#304 stainless steel

External material: SUS#304 stainless steel with 3B surface treatment



Standard type

Internal  Size




Temperature Range:


Accuracy of temp.

±0.5℃(-70℃~+150℃ stable)

Temperature uniformity


Temperature Resolution




-70℃→+150℃ without samples,within 22min

(10℃/min above)

+150℃→-70℃without samples,within 22min

(10℃/min above)

-70℃→+150℃with 40g aluminum,within 32min

( (6.8℃/min above )

+150℃→-70℃40g with 40g aluminum,within 32min

( (6.8℃/min above )

Mechanical dual freezing method 

(water cooling)


Semi hermetic compressor Germany Bitzer/Italy Fuji luxury (frequency variable)

Cooling timeThrottling Set

Capillary, thermal expansion valve


Finned evaporator




SUS#304 stainless steel with 3B surface treatment


Door handle (right hand, left hinge)


Insulation material:

Glass wool + rigid polyurethane foam


Nichrome heating wire heater


Centrifugal fan


400×600mm 5 layers tempered glass

Control mode

Balance adjustment method P.1.D+P.L.C+S.S.R


AC380V3 φ4W 50Hz


Temperature: +5℃~+30℃  cooling water:+5℃~+30℃

Standard device

color LCD screen, touch screen setting method


In the room temperature of +23℃;the performance of refrigerator cooling water temperature +25 ℃ slope control, control in the early and late break rate operation is often not as inclined; performance indicator according to GB5170.2/GB5170.5

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