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New Design Temperature and Humdity Control Chamber Product Reliable Tester is designed for testing the capability of heat-endurance, cold-endurance, dryness-endurance, and humidity-endurance, suitable for quality control of the industries of electron, electrical equipment, vehicle,...

Product Details

High performance and reliability come in a compact package, for a wide range of temperature/humidity testing needs.

Bositong environmental test chambers that meet a variety of needs. Together with custom products, view our wide lineup, including Temperature & Humidity  tester. Continuous improvement in the design of constant-temperature (and humidity) cabinets now with remote monitoring and control via PC Ethernet connection and web browser. The line-up consists of five models temperature/humidity ranges, 165-liters,225-liters,408-liters,800 liters,1000liters to accommodate your needs.

Temperature Range: -75℃ to 150℃ Accuracy: ±0.2℃

Humidity Range: 10 to 98%RH Accuracy: ±2%RH

Controller: LCD Color Touch Screen (JHH-2011)

Power Supply: Single Phase 220V; 3phase 380V

Water: Pure water or distilled water

Internal material: SUS#304 stainless steel

External material: SUS#304 stainless steel with 3B surface treatment

Insulation material: Fire PU foam (70℃ --100℃) or glass fiber + fire PU foam (above 110 ℃)

Key Features

1.With unit of anti water dripping at the top

2.The water and power system separation design

3.TFT color LCD display

    7 inch 800*900 dot matrix, TFT color LCD display

4. Water tank quick plug design

5. Dynamic test safety design

6. Low noise design